Clapjoy Shabd Rachna, Pre School 72 Activity Flash card, Velcro Level 2 Combo

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The Clapjoy Combo offers a comprehensive set of educational tools tailored to enhance language skills, cognitive development, and fine motor abilities in young learners. This combo includes Shabd Rachna (Word Formation) Activity Kit, Pre School 72 Activity Flash Cards, and Velcro Level 2 Activity Book, providing a holistic approach to early childhood learning.


  • Holistic Learning: Covers language skills, cognitive development, and fine motor abilities.
  • Engaging and Interactive: Offers hands-on activities that make learning enjoyable and effective.
  • Quality and Durability: Made from high-quality materials ensuring safety and longevity.
  • Developmentally Appropriate: Activities are designed to meet the developmental needs of young learners.

Ideal For:

  • Parents seeking educational resources to support their child’s learning at home.
  • Teachers looking for versatile tools to enhance classroom activities and learning centers.
  • Early childhood educators interested in promoting language and cognitive development in preschoolers.
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Shabd Rachna

Hindi can be a difficult language to pick up and if you provide your kids with an early Hindi language learning platform, it can prove beneficial in their future academic careers.

The Clapjoy Hindi Shabd Rachna is a word formation game that enables your child to learn the vowels and consonants of this language.

72 Activity Flash cards

An excellent tool for homeschooling use or in the preschool classroom, this set of 72 cards gives little ones an engaging opportunity to begin recognizing letters, building vocabulary and developing early reading skills.

Flashcards are learning tools for children that allow them to interact with the information present on the card in a way that makes it easier for them to retain it. These flashcards are strategically designed to enhance and encourage active recall.

Flash cards learning for children is quite popular as a playful means to introduce children to new Flash cards, images, or concepts. The benefits of Flash cards are that they make it easy to maximize the benefits of repetition and to improve kids important memorization skills.

Velcro Level 2

Children love to play and have fun and this book makes them learn and develop their skills with it.It is thoughtfully designed to help the child toimprove basic literacy, memory, recognition, fine motor skills, problem solving skill, patienceand hand-eye coordination. This book has bright color pictures which help children develop a better connection and understanding with the surrounding environment.

The pages are thickened and the surface is covered with a film, which is waterproof and not easy to tear. The answer cutout is designed with rounded corners, the size is suitable for small hands to grasp. This method of learning will help the sense of touch during the repeated pasting of the book. Overall a fun way to learn and keep the child busy for long hours.

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Clapjoy Shabd Rachna, Pre School 72 Activity Flash card, Velcro Level 2 Combo
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