Clapjoy Unique Magnetic Reversible Soccer & Hockey Tabletop Multi Sport fun party Game Set


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  • SPORT SQUAD – BRINGING FAMILY AND FRIENDS TOGETHER: As an American based company, Sport Squad brings new innovation to playing indoors and outdoors by introducing affordable, quality game room products to market.
  • FLIP IT OVER – ENJOY TWO DIFFERENT GAMES IN ONE: Play soccer or reverse the playfield and play hockey. Excellent rec room toy and game for the entire family.
  • PORTABLE AND COMPACT: Flux is similar to playing a table top games version of Air Hockey or Foosball, only it uses a small round puck or a 12 sided ball and magnets. The magnetic player is controlled by hand from underneath the surface.
  • COMPETITIVE AND FUN: Two players are required for play. You’ll need to have a quick reaction time and focus to beat the competition. Players must use the magnetic handles under the board to control their playing piece on top of the board.


Benefits Of Indoor Games:-

Playing board games brings people closer, strengthens relationships, and can help you meet new people. Board games can be for two or more.

Improves Hand-Eye Coordination. Some indoor games, such as ping pong, need effective coordination between hands and eyes.

Encourages Development of Social Skills.

Improves Physical Fitness.

Faster and more accurate decision-making.



Easy to learn and fun to play, This game is perfect for kids and adults alike. Play as a classic head-to-head game or set up a tournament for hours of group fun! Test your skill, speed, and aim with this game! This fast-paced game will challenge your reflexes and precision, all while providing tons of excitement!


Great for All Ages

Unplug and enjoy the classic fun of tabletop games with friends and family! Magnetic Soccer will have players of all ages and skill levels cheering ’till the end at your next game night, birthday party, camping trip and more! Now settle the score on the field with Magnetic Soccer!


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