Clapjoy Black and White Flash Cards for Infant Babies for Age 0-6 Months


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✅ Baby Learning Toys for Newborn
Improve visual memory of kids
✅Visual stimulation training
✅Enhance Visual & Brain Development
✅Making Learning Fun
✅Safe & High Quality Construction
✅The best gift for newborns

Activate Baby’s Right Brain Development: Flashing each visual stimulation cards fastly, the Left Brain cannot adapt, because Right Brain is responsible for high-speed rhythm activity. Therefore, it helps to promote the activation of Right Brain. Our educational high contrast flashcards was born for this purpose.

Cultivate Child’s Instantaneous Memory: High contrast baby flashcards are helpful to the ability of remembering what you see in an instant. Using infant flashcards in early age can cultivate instantaneous memory of Right Brain. Once this ability was developed, Children can spend the least amount of time remembering.

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